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User guidelines

1. General information

1.1. Private account of JSC West Kredit (hereinafter - the "Lender") is designed for the convenience of the customer to make it possible for each customer to easily manage his/her loan-related matters. Using his/her Private account , the customer can submit on-line applications to the Lender, attach documents, follow payment execution procedures, apply for changes to the signed agreements or enter into a new loan agreement. Furthermore, Private account inform of the maximum amount of the loan, which can be available to the customer. Therefore, if the customer needs an additional amount within the framework of the existing loan agreement, he/she can easily inform his/her loan specialist thereof, who will issue all necessary documents. Private account help to contact loan specialists easily and promptly and to use other Private account options.

1.2. Before starting using a Private account, the customer should read these rules and confirm his/her consent thereto. If the customer does not agree to the guidelines for use of a Private account, the customer will not use it, choosing an alternative option to discuss all issues with the Lender in person.

1.3. Registering, the customer reads these guidelines, confirming his/her awareness of the guidelines in the field I agree to the guidelines for use.

1.4. JSC West Kredit, registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia under registration number 40003270389, ensures the use and operation of a Private account, hereinafter - the "Private account Manager".

2. Processing of personal data and commercial messages

2.1. Registering in a Private account, the customer agrees to these guidelines for use and agrees to his/her personal data processing. After the customer's registration in a Private account, the customer's profile is created automatically.

2.2. To access and use the customer's profile, the customer is identified in his/her Private account according to email address and password.

2.3. To register at the portal, the customer should enter his/her personal data. Agreeing to the guidelines for use of a Private account , the customer should read also the Personal Data Processing Notice, confirming his/her consent thereto by choosing I am aware of the Personal Data Processing Notice.

2.4. The customer agrees that the Lender uses the address, email address and/or telephone number stated in the customer's profile for sending commercial messages regarding products, services, campaigns offered by the Lender, if the customer gave an additional consent thereto.

2.4.1. Commercial messages are any messages in electronic format sent for the purpose of direct or indirect advertising of services. Commercial messages do not refer to the information, which makes it possible to directly access general information on the provider of services and his activities (domain name or electronic mail address).

2.4.2. The customer may refuse to receive commercial messages at any time, informing thereof by sending information to the email address: support@westkredit.lv

2.5. The customer's data are deleted as requested by the customer.

3. The customer's duties in using his/her Private account.

3.1. The customer is obliged to register in a Private account and to use the Private account, stating his/her personal data.

3.2. The customer is obliged to use only safe electronic communication and data transmission facilities and equipment to register in a Private account and to use it.

3.3. The customer is obliged not to transfer his/her password to any third parties, but in the case if the user has a suspicion that the password is accessible to any third parties, he/she must immediately inform the Lender thereof: support@westkredit.lv.

3.4. Prior to registering in a Private account, to read all these Guidelines for Use and Data Processing Notice.

4. The customer's rights, using his/her Private account

4.1. The customer has the right to use his/her Private account free of charge and without working time limitations.

4.2. The customer has the right to request deletion of the data he/she has entered.

5. Responsibility restrictions

5.1. The Lender is not responsible for the activities performed in a Private account on behalf of the customer by any third parties, who have acquired the customer's user name and password, unless the user name and password were acquired due to vulnerabilities of the Private account.

5.2. The Lender is not responsible for damage or failure in operation of a Private account, if the reason is damage or failure in the operation of the customer's equipment, the customer's email configuration or load, use of inadequate or non-licensed equipment or software, termination of electricity supply or communication failures between the customer's equipment and the Private account.

5.3. The Lender has the right to transform and/or change the information available in a Private account. Publishing or use of the material available in a Private account in any other manner is prohibited without a prior consent by the Lender. Failure to observe the guidelines will lead to violation of copyright, entailing liability as laid down in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

5.4. Information available in a Private account may be printed only for personal and not commercial needs.

6. Confidentiality

6.1.All data of the customer, which are entered in the Private account, are transferred for processing only to the Lender. The customer's data may be transferred to third parties only in the cases expressly stated in the regulatory enactments and only to the extent specified in the regulatory enactments.

7. Intellectual property rights

7.1. All property and non-property rights of authorship belong to JSC West Kredit, registration number 40003270389.

7.2. The customer is prohibited from using the portal for the purposes other than the purpose of its use, inter alia, to enter non-requested information in the relevant fields.

8. General warnings

8.1. Be a responsible borrower, realizing your loan repayment possibilities!

8.2. Intentional entering of false data into an automated data processing system for the acquisition of the property of another person or the rights to such property, or the acquisition of other material benefits, in order to influence the operation of the resources thereof (computer fraud), or unauthorized modification, damage, destruction, worsening or concealing of the information available in the automated data processing system or intentional entering of wrong information in the automated data processing system, or intentional disturbing of automated data processing system operation by entering, transferring, damaging, deleting, worsening, changing or concealing information, if the protection system is damaged or destructed and a serious harm is caused thereby, or unauthorized production, adjustment for use, realization, distribution or storage of such a tool (facility, computer program, computer password, entrance code or similar data) as intended for influencing resources of the automated data processing system or accessing the automated data processing system or part thereof for the purpose of committing a criminal offence, will entail criminal liability as laid down in the norms of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

8.3. We offer to regularly read the guidelines for use of a Private account, since they can be changed without a prior notice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, writing to the email address: support@westkredit.lv

9. Settlement of disputes

9.1. Any disputes, which arise in connection with the guidelines for use of a Private account, are settled through negotiations, but where it is impossible to reach an agreement, disputes shall be settled in a court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the applicable regulatory enactments.

9.2. The customer (natural person - consumer) has the right to apply to the Commission for Solving Consumer Disputes Out Of Court, at 55 Brivibas Street, Riga, LV-1010. The Commission for Solving Consumer Disputes is an independent collegial decision-making institution, which on the basis of the application submitted by the consumer, settles a dispute between the consumer and the seller or the service provider. The Commission activities are ensured by the Consumers' Rights Protection Centre. The Commission is a non-judicial dispute resolution body in accordance with the Law On Out-Of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Bodies. Chairman and members of the Commission are independent and objective in adjudication of a dispute and making a decision and are not subject to instructions or other impact whatsoever. Resolving disputes, the Commission applies the procedure set out in the Consumers’ Rights Protection Law. Disputes are also settled at the European Online Dispute Resolution platform (more details at https://ec.europa.eu/).

9.3. Observance of the consumers' rights is supervised by the Consumers' Rights Protection Centre. Address: 55 Brivibas Street, Riga, LV-1010, website: www.ptac.gov.lv

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