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What is a Private account and what benefits does it offer?

A Private account is created for the convenience of the customers of JSC West Kredit to make it possible for each User to easily manage his / her loan-related matters. Using a Private account, each User will be offered:

  • To follow payment procedures (actual activities) under the signed loan agreement;
  • To apply for making changes to the signed agreement (to apply for an additional amount, change of payment date, loan repayment holidays, etc.);
  • To apply for a new loan;
  • To receive information within the framework of the current agreements and on the offers of JSC West Kredit in general.
  • Who can use a Private account?

    Any legal person or natural person, who has reached the age of 18, can become a User of a Private account.

    How quickly will I receive a reply to a message sent in a Private account?

    Reply to the received information will be provided as soon as possible, but not later than within 1-2 working days.

    Is it possible to obtain a new loan, using a Private account, if presently I have already obtained the loan?

    At any time you can apply for a new loan. The loan may be documented as a new agreement or an additional amount within the framework of the existing agreement. To discuss your situation in more details and to provide an exact reply, you should first submit a new loan application.

    What is the maximum amount of an additional loan (loan limit), which can be available in a Private account?

    In your Private account you can view information regarding the amount of an additional loan accessible to you. It is the amount, which you can borrow in addition to the existing loan. Nonetheless, also in this situation you should take into account the fact that after receipt of your additional loan application, the loan specialist will assess your paying capacity and will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss an offer most appropriate in your situation.

    How soon will I receive a reply on granting of a new loan or an additional amount of the loan?

    The loan specialist of JSC West Kredit will provide a final reply to your loan application as soon as possible, but not later than within two working days after your submission of all the documents requested by the loan specialist and necessary for evaluation of your situation.

    What are personal data?

    Personal data are any information, which refers or could refer to you, for example, your name, surname, identity number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, video image, audio record, economic or other activity typical for you.

    How are my personal data processed?

    Your personal data are processed by JSC West Kredit, unified registration No. 40003270389, legal address: 28a Kr. Barona Street, Riga, LV-1011, free information line: 800 00 330, e-mail: info@westkredit.lv. In accordance with the General Data Processing Regulation we are your personal data manager and we are responsible for the processing of your personal data.

    What my personal data do you process, for what purposes and in what cases do you do that?

    We process your personal data aggregates, for example, your identification data, contact information, financial information, information related to your professional activity, information related to the use of our services and their conformity to your needs, etc., in order to contact you and to inform of any changes in our services; to process your requests or complaints; to ensure supervision of the fulfilment of the agreement; to present various service offers to you, incl. personalized offers and other notices.

    What to do to start using a Private account?

    To start using a Private account with JSC West Kredit, you should register at https://pk.westkredit.lv/register/
    You should perform the following steps:

  • You should enter email address, which will serve as the User's login name;
  • You should state the User's name and surname;
  • You should state telephone number and preferred language of communication;
  • You should read the user rules and personal data processing requirements; You should agree to these rules;
  • You should complete the process of registration, confirming the same by pressing the button To Register.
  • What is a secure password?

  • Password may consist of freely selected Latin letters, numbers and symbols;
  • Minimum numbers of charaters in a password is 6;
  • Capital and small letters are considered as different symbols.
  • How can I connect to a Private account?

    To connect to a Private Cabinet with JSC West Kredit, you should open https://pk.westkredit.lv at which you should enter your email address and your permanent password. Email address serves as a user name.

    How to change Private account connection data (email, password)?

    If you have forgotten email address of a Private account User, please contact the website administrator. At the same time, if you have forgotten a Private account User's password, you can restore it as follows:

  • Selecting section Forgot your password? at the home page of a Private account https://pk.westkredit.lv
  • You should enter your email address, which is used as your memorable word;
  • Password change request will be sent to the email address you have stated;
  • You should change password.
  • Password may be restored, regardless of password security updates, using section "My profile".

  • In what cases a notice of unsuccessful identification of the User will be displayed?

    A notice of unsuccessful identification of the User can be displayed, if you entered the User e-mail or password incorrectly.

    Is it safe to use a Private account?

  • Opening the browser, please check whether the hyper site starts with https:// Please pay attention to a small lock icon on the left side of URL, it is indicative of a safe use of the website.
  • For the purpose of security, completing work in your Private account, we always recommend to exit the User profile and to close the browser. If you fail to do so, the Private account session and your profile will be automatically disconnected.
  • To avoid non-sanctioned access to a Private account, you are personally responsible for non-disclosure of your email and password to third parties.

  • When and how could I delete my User profile?

    You can refuse to use your Private account and delete your User profile at any time. To do so, you should connect to your Private account and select the button "Delete User Profile" in section "My Profile". Pressing it, you will initiate deletion of your profile.

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